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Cost of Solar Panels | Cost of Solar Power Systems

The big question that arrives is what is the Cost of Solar Panels, How much do Solar Panels Cost or What is the cost of solar energy.

I've covered "What is the Residential Cost of Solar Power" and now its good to see my estimations were correct according to this family in this article about solar panels reducing their energy bill as they were participating in the Palmetto Clean Energy Program (PaCE).

To summarize, I said that a typical cost for a solar home system is roughly $22,000 dollars. Their system costs around $20,000.00. They cut their monthly utility bill by 40% and my estimate was 50%. Their ROI was based on 15 years and my estimate was based on 20-23 years. And finally, the government and state solar tax credits was $12,000.00 and my estimate was $16,000 dollars.

So while it may be confusing on what the cost of solar power systems may be, you now have two reference points on some ideas.

Any questions or comments?