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Solar Panel for Shed | Roof | Boat | RV

One of the easiest applications of do it yourself solar panels is the portable Solar Panels products. There are two products that have been bestsellers in this space that I wanted to bring up. Again, the applications for this product would be mounting it as a solar panel fan on a shed, installing it as a vent fan rv solar panel, marine solar panels such as removing condensation on a boat or as a cheap solar panel fan for workareas.

The first product is the ICP Solar 70440 Global Solarvent, which is a stainless steel fan. It can run on 48 hours without sunlight and does not require wiring, which is perfect for a boat. It is roughly 3.8 pounds and about 10 inches wide.

If you are looking for a low cost alternative to the above product, then there is a second portable solar power fan available. At about half the price, it has roughly the same specifications, though does not have the same 48 hour performance.