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The Solar Power Government Tax Incentives and Rebates

Are the governments running out of money to sponsor solar tex incentives and tax rebates?

Many local governments are trying to take action while waiting for President Obama to take more aggressive action, they are taking matters into their own hands. Here is one excerpt worth noting:

St. Helena California Solar Tax
Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, introduced legislation last week that would make it easier for homeowners and small businesses to purchase solar technology with help from state and local governments."
"“Installing solar panels can cost $20,000 or more for a single home,” Thompson said in a statement. The high upfront cost stops a lot of people from making this investment, which is hurting the market for solar technology and eliminating good paying green jobs. By helping families finance these investments, we can create thousands of long-term green jobs, and dramatically reduce energy use.”

Tallahassee Solar Water Heater Tax Rebate - 450 Dollar Rebate
This program promotes clean, green solar technology. On a south-facing rooftop with good sun exposure, a solar water heater provides about 70 percent of a family's hot water needs. Local installed costs are around $5,000 for a freeze-protected system that can withstand Tallahassee's winter low temperatures. Low interest loans are available in addition to rebates. These rebates are not available for pool heating systems.

Reno Nevada Solar Rebates | Incentives
The following rebates are available for approved photovoltaic systems:
: $2.30 per watt $11,500 maximum rebate
Small Business
: $2.30 per watt $69,000 maximum rebate
: $4.60 per watt
Public Buildings
: $4.60 per watt

Most Governments can't afford the aggressive Programs Anymore
Connecticut cut its solar powered rebate program in October 2008.
Massachusetts reduced its solar program rebate

The uncertainty of Federal and State Solar Tax Cuts and Rebates will only cause delay as people are unsure if they could save thousands by waiting longer or if they've already missed the boat.