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New Jersey Solar Power | New Jersey Solar Panels

Did you know that New Jersey ranks second behind California in producing renewable energy sources? That easily makes them one of the top solar states in the US. Well the Solar Panel New Jersey | Solar Panels New Jersey Initiatives are about increase even more. New Jersey's largest utility company, PSE&G is set to launch a plan to install 200,000 solar panels on New Jersey Utility poles. This will also include schools, municipal buildings and government housing. The project will cost roughly 800 million dollars and will be 1% of the states total power consumption.

The project will be funded by the federal grants, bonds, and 10 - 35 cents a bill on each persons utility bill. The downfalls for this type of project: The New Jersey Solar Panels wont rotate with the sun, there may be solar panel thefts and the panels must be somehow cleaned to stay efficient. Certainly the New Jersey solar loans and budgeting talks will increase as many other groups will want that money for more immediate items, however, it is great to see that these types of initiatives and some forward looking thought processes exist.

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