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Solar Energy Jobs

Jobs in solar energy should be one of the bright spots in the recession as it will be one of the growth areas in most states as well as the world. With a new technology such as solar panels and solar panel technology quickly becoming mainstream, often times the solar research jobs and careers in solar power will be in demand for as long as the current recession will last. Also, it is a new area of expertise for the mainstream company and solar panel technicians will start to be needed to repair once the product life cycle becomes more mature.
Many states such as Texas and California are pushing for green jobs and solar jobs to replace the ailing semi-conductor space that has been left behind. The solar power careers can vary between solar energy plant workers, solar engineering, solar sales jobs, solar manufacturing jobs all the way to panel installers and callout technicians. The salaries for solar jobs has been widely unknown and has varied drastically from state sponsored grants all the way to private companies buying talent at any price to fill demand.
In Texas, the state Senate is pushing legislation to create 22,000 green jobs by 2020 and California has reported a 100% gain in solar installations in 2008% and is seeing the same growth in 2009 so far.
The phrase solar on came up with 356 entries, which isnt bad for a country that isnt hiring.