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Solar Powered Shingles

Solar Powered Shingle Overview

One technology quickly being developed is the Solar Powered Shingle. Most Solar Shingles are 12 inches wide by 86 inches long and can be stapled directly to the roofing cloth. The typical overhang of each shingle is 5 inches providing a very standard look. Some can be applied directly on the roofing felt while others need special installation instructions.

If you are looking for a homebuilder using this progressive technology, Lennar has combined with SunPower to offer Solar Powered Shingles as part of the home design. Lennar is also part of the largest solar energy intiative in the United States is in California as well.

SunPower Solar Shingle Products

Sunpower has two commercial solar shingle products:
  • Sunpower Powerguard - A flat interconnected tile that lays directly on the building which also has insulation based properties. A roof with limited roof space can still take advantage of the technology.
  • Sunpower T10 Solar Roof Tile - Is based on a larger mounted system laying at a 10 degree angle for increased energy capture.
You can view the Sunpower Powerguard Datasheet and the T10 Solar Roof Tile Datasheet

Sunpower offers one residential solar powered shingle:

  • Suntile - blends into flat tiles and S-curve tiles and is currently being used for startup communities from builders. They have no movable parts and can resist wind up to 110 mph. The Suntile datasheet is also available.
A free Sunpower evaluation is also available.