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Kyocera solar panels | Kyocera MyGen Panels

kyocera solar panels have a line of residential solar panels that is popular today. There are 4 residential kyocera panel packages and 3 lite commercial packages as well. The Kyocera MyGen system is intended for new construction or retrofit homes and boasts the ability to fit on multiple types of roofing materials and homes.
The Kyocera solar strategy for the MyGen package is to include everything needed to have this installed on your home. While other companies have gone in this direction, this concept is still better than most for attaining consistent results and ensure you are using the product correctly.
There are 4 residential packages of the Kyocera MyGen solar packages, which are the RESI 2520, RESI 4200, RESI 5040 and the RESI 7560. They are based on the home roofing size and increase the kWh / day as you increase in cost. The three commercial packages are the LC 5000, LC 10000 and LC 15000 and follow the same theory.
Installation is typically at 1 - 2 days and there are authorized dealers for these systems. As mentioned, one of the biggest benefits to a Kyocera Solar Panel system is the fact that 1 part number gets you everything you need for your application.

There are many Kyocera dealers but there are only three distributors of the Kyocera MyGen Residential system described above.

MA Solar
950 Sunshine Lane
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
800-797-6527 USA
Web site:

29 Industrial Park Drive
Binghamton, NY 13904
866-943-2784 USA
Web site:

ESSCO Wholesale Electric
175 E Corporate Place
Chandler, Arizona 85225-0999
480-497-8000 AZ
909-783-1000 CA
Web site:

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