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Kyocera MyGen Solar Product Review

What is part of the Kyocera MyGen Solar System - Review

There are five packages to choose from, ranging from 1440w STC to 5040w STC, that use the latest Kyocera KD180 modules in a variety of PV array configurations. Each package is pre-engineered to optimize system performance and meet applicable NEC codes and requirements. All major PV system components, disconnects and grounding equipment are included providing everything you need to generate your own electricity.

  • 4 Residential Packages (2520-7560 STC)
  • 3 Lite Commercial Packages (5040-15120 STC)
  • All Packages Use Kyocera's Flagship Module (KD210GX) For Best Performance

The  myGen™ Systems are designed for use on residential and small commercial buildings and are ideal for either new construction or retrofit applications

Here are the part numbers of the Kyocera MyGen Solar Energy System:

Kyocera Mygen Economy
Part Number 602460
STC Rating:  1440

Kyocera Small
Part Number 602461
STC Rating:  2160

Kyocera Mygen Medium
Part Number 602462
STC Rating:  3600

Kyocera Mygen Large
Part Number 602463
STC Rating:  4320

Kyocera Mygen Mega
Part Number 602464
STC Rating:  504

What is included in the Kyocera Mygen Solar System

• 48 multi-crystalline cells connected in series
• Peak power of 180 Watts at 23.6 Volts
• Rugged extruded aluminum and tempered
glass construction
• Worry-free operation with virtually no maintenance
• 20-year limited warranty on power output,
10-year limited warranty on inverter and
1-year limited warranty on materials
and workmanship
• Disconnects, Wiring, and Ancillary Equipment
• AC and DC disconnects
• PV array circuit combiners
• Inverter optimized for highest efficiency with
Kyocera solar modules
• Flexible metal conduit for wiring between the
inverter and disconnects
• MC locking connectors
• Grounding equipment
• Module grounding wire
• Kyocera wiring diagrams and general instructions
for system assembly
• All original manufacturers’ documentation,
including user manuals and warranty statement


United States Retail Renewable Energy Credit Products

Below is the list of US Marketers of National Renewable Energy Credit (REC) providers.  These are ways to buy green energy in the United States

Certificate MarketerProduct NameRenewable ResourcesLocation of Renewable ResourcesResidential Price Premiums*Certification
3 Phases RenewablesGreen Certificates100% biomass, geothermal, hydro, solar, windNationwide1.2¢/kWhGreen-e
3DegreesRenewable Energy Certificates100% new windNationwide1.5¢/kWhGreen-e
NativeEnergyCoolWatts100% new windNationwide0.8¢/kWhGreen-e
NativeEnergyRemooable Energy100% new biogasPennsylvania0.8¢/kWh-1.0¢/kWh***
Bonneville Environmental FoundationSolar Green Tags100% new solarNationwide5.6¢/kWhGreen-e
Bonneville Environmental FoundationWind & SolarGreen Tags Blend50% new wind, 50% new solarNationwide2.4¢/kWhGreen-e
Bonneville Environmental FoundationWind Green Tags100% windNationwide2.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Bonneville Environmental FoundationDenali Green Tags (Alaska only)100% new wind10% Alaska, 90% Nationwide2.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Bonneville Environmental FoundationZephyr Energy (Kansas Only)50% new low-impact hydropowerMidwest, West2.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Carbon Solutions GroupCSG CleanBuildbiomass, biogas, wind, solar, hydroNationwide0.9¢/kWhGreen-e
Carbonfund.orgMyGreenFuture99% new wind, 1% new solarNationwide0.5¢/kWhGreen-e
Choose RenewablesCleanWatts100% new windNationwide1.7¢/kWhGreen-e
Community EnergyNewWind Energy100% new windNationwide2.5¢/kWhGreen-e
Good EnergyGood Green RECsvariousNationwide0.4¢/kWh-1.5¢/kWhGreen-e
Green Mountain EnergyBeGreen RECswind, solar, biomassNationwide1.4¢/kWh
Juice EnergyPositive Juice - Wind100% windNationwide1.1¢/kWhGreen-e
MMA Renewable VenturesPVUSA Solar Green Certificates100% solarCalifornia3.3¢/kWhGreen-e
Maine Renewable Energy/Maine Interfaith Power & LightMaine WindWatts100% new windMaine2.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Mass Energy Consumers AllianceNew England Wind Fund100% new windNew England~5.0¢/kWh (donation)
Premier Energy MarketingPremier 100% Wind REC100% windNationwide0.95¢/kWh-2.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Renewable Choice EnergyAmerican Wind100% new windNationwide0.5¢/kWhGreen-e
SKY energy, Inc.Wind-e Renewable Energy100% new windNationwide2.4¢/kWhGreen-e
Santee CooperSC Green Powerlandfill gas, solarSouth Carolina3.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Sky Blue ElectricSky Blue 40100% windNationwide4.2¢/kWhGreen-e
Sterling PlanetSterling Wind100% new windNationwide1.85¢/kWhGreen-e
TerraPassGreen-e RECs100% new windNationwide0.5¢/kWhGreen-e
Village Green EnergyVillage Green Powersolar, wind, biogasCalifornia, Nationwide2.0¢/kWh-2.5¢/kWhGreen-e
Waverly Light & PowerIowa Energy Tags100% windIowa2.0¢/kWh
WindCurrentChesapeake Windcurrent100% new windMid-Atlantic States2.5¢/kWhGreen-e
WindStreet EnergyRenewable Energy Credit ProgramwindNationwide~1.2¢/kWh
* Product prices are updated as of August 2010. Premium may also apply to small commercial customers. Large users may be able to negotiate price premiums.
** Product is sourced from Green-e and ERT-certified RECs. ERT also certifies the entire product portfolio.
*** The Climate Neutral Network certifies the methodology used to calculate the CO2 emissions offset.
NA = Not applicable.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Where to buy green power in Wyoming | Green Energy in Wyoming

Below is where to buy green energy in Wyoming

StateUtility NameProgram
TypeStart DatePremium
WYBasin Electric Power Cooperative: Powder River EnergyPrairie Windswind20000.5¢/kWh
WYCheyenne Light, Fuel and Power Company/Bonneville Environmental FoundationRenewable Premium Program99% new wind, 1% new solar20063.5¢/kWh
WYLower Valley EnergyGreen Powerwind20031.167¢/kWh
WYPacificorp: Pacific PowerBlue Skywind20001.95¢/kWh
WYTri-State Generation & Transmission: Carbon Power & Light, Inc.Renewable Resource Power Servicewind, hydro20010.8¢/kWh
WYYampa Valley Electric AssociationWind Energy Programwind19990.6¢/kWh
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado.

Where to buy green power in Washington | Green Energy in Washington

Below is where to buy green energy in Washington

StateUtility NameProgram
TypeStart DatePremium
WAAvista UtilitiesBuck-A-Blockwind20020.33¢/kWh
WABenton County Public Utility DistrictGreen Power Programlandfill gas, wind, hydro1999Contribution
WAChelan County PUDSustainable Natural Alternative Power (SNAP)PV, wind, micro hydro2001Contribution
WAClallam County PUDClallam County PUD Green Power Programlandfill gas20010.69¢/kWh
WAClark Public UtilitiesGreen LightsPV, wind20021.5¢/kWh
WACowlitz PUDRenewable Resource Energywind, PV20022.0¢/kWh
WAGrant County PUDAlternative Energy Resources Programwind20022.0¢/kWh
WAGrays Harbor PUDGreen Powerwind20023.0¢/kWh
WALewis County PUDGreen Power Energy Ratewind20032.0¢/kWh
WAMason County PUD No. 3Mason Evergreen Powerwind20031.0¢/kWh
WANorthen Wasco County PUDPure Powerwind20072.5¢/kWh
WAOrcas Power & LightGo Greenwind, hydro19993.5¢/kWh
WAPacific County PUDGreen Powerlandfill gas20021.05¢/kWh
WAPacificorp: Pacific PowerBlue Sky Blockwind20001.95¢/kWh
WAPeninsula LightGreen by Choicewind, hydro, biogas20022.0¢/kWh
WAPuget Sound EnergyGreen Power Programwind, PV, biogas20021.25¢/kWh
WASeattle City LightSeattle Green PowerPV, biogas2002Contribution
WASeattle City LightGreen Upwind20051.5¢/kWh
WASnohomish County Public Utility DistrictPlanet Powerwind20022.0¢/kWh
WATacoma PowerEverGreen Optionswind20001.2¢/kWh
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado.

Where to buy green power in Rhode Island | Green Energy in Rhode Island

Below is where to buy green energy in Rhode Island

StateCompanyProduct NameResource
RINarragansett Electric / Clear Sky PowerClear Sky Home100% new bioenergy
RINarragansett Electric / Community Energy, Inc.40% NewWind/60% Small Hydro60% small hydro, 40% new wind
RINarragansett Electric / Community Energy, Inc.50% NewWind/50% Small Hydro50% small hydro, 50% new wind
RINarragansett Electric / People's Power & LightNew England GreenStart RI 50% or 100% of usage70% small hydro, 17% bioenergy, 13% wind and solar
RINarragansett Electric / Sterling PlanetSterling Supreme 100%40% small hydro, 25% biomass, 25% new solar, 10% windEnvironmental Resources Trust
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory 

Where to buy green power in Ohio | Green Energy in Ohio

Below is where to buy green energy in Ohio

StateUtility NameProgram
TypeStart DatePremium
OHAmerican Municipal Power-Ohio / Green Mountain Energy: City of Bowling Green, Cuyahoga Falls, Westerville, Wyandotte, Yellow SpringsNature's Energysmall hydro, landfill gas, wind20031.3¢/kWh-1.5¢/kWh
OHBuckeye Power (Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives)EnviroWattslandfill gas20062.0¢/kWh
OHDayton Power & LightGreen Connectvarious20081.0¢/kWh
OHDuke EnergyGoGreen Powerwind, PV, landfill gas, digester gas20012.5¢/kWh
OHFirstEnergy: Ohio Edison CompanyGreen Resource Programvarious20070.5¢/kWh
OHFirstEnergy: The Cleveland Electric Illuminating CompanyGreen Resource Programvarious20070.5¢/kWh
OHFirstEnergy: The Toledo EdisonGreen Resource Programvarious20070.5¢/kWh
OHWabash Valley Power Association (7 of 27 coops offer program): Boone REMC, Hendricks Power Cooperative, Kankakee Valley REMC, Miami-Cass REMC, Tipmont REMC, White County REMC, Northeastern REMCEnviroWattswind, landfill gas20000.9¢/kWh-1.0¢/kWh
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado.

Where to buy green power in New Mexico | Green Energy in New Mexico

Below is where to buy green energy in New Mexico

StateUtility NameProgram
TypeStart DatePremium
NMEl Paso ElectricRenewable Energy Tariffwind20032.28¢/kWh
NMLos Alamos Department of Public UtilitiesGreen Powerwind20051.8¢/kWh
NMNavopache Electric CooperativeVoluntary Renewable Energy ProgramTBD20084.0¢/kWh
NMPublic Service of New MexicoPNM Sky Bluewind20031.1¢/kWh
NMTri-State Generation & Transmission: Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative, Inc., Columbus Electric Cooperative, Inc., Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, Inc., Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative, Inc., Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, Inc., Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative, Inc., Navopache Electric Cooperative, Northern Rio Arriba Electric Cooperative, Otero County Electric Cooperative, Inc., Sierra Electric Cooperative, Inc., Socorro Electric Cooperative, Inc., Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc., Springer Electric Cooperative, Inc.Renewable Resource Power Servicewind, hydro20010.4¢/kWh-2.5¢/kWh
NMXcel EnergyWindSourcewind19993.0¢/kWh
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado.

Where to buy green power in North Carolina | Green Energy in North Carolina

Below is where to buy green energy in North Carolina

StateUtility NameProgram
TypeStart DatePremium
NCDominion North Carolina PowerNC GreenPowerbiomass, hydro, landfill gas, PV, wind20032.5¢/kWh-4.0¢/kWh
NCDuke EnergyNC GreenPowerbiomass, hydro, landfill gas, PV, wind20032.5¢/kWh-4.0¢/kWh
NCElectriCities: City of Albemarle, Town of Apex, City of Concord, Town of Cornelius, Fayetteville PWC, Town of Granite Falls, Greenville Utilities, City of High Point, Town of Huntersville, City of Kinston, City of Laurinburg, City of Lexington, City of Monroe, City of New Bern, City of Newton, City of Shelby, City of Statesville, Town of Wake Forest, City of Washington, Town of Waynesville, City of Wilson-Wilson EnergyNC GreenPowerbiomass, hydro, landfill gas, PV, wind20032.5¢/kWh-4.0¢/kWh
NCNC Electric Cooperatives (22 of 27 coops offer program): Albemarle Electric Membership Corp., Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corp., Brunswick Electric Membership Corp., Carteret Craven Electric Coop., Central Electric Membership Corp., Edgecombe-Martin County Electric Membership Corp., EnergyUnited, Four County Electric Membership Corp., French Broad Electric Membership Corp., Haywood Electric Membership Corp., Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Corp., Lumbee River Electric Membership Corp., Pee Dee Electric Membership Corp., Piedmont Electric Membership Corp., Randolph Electric Membership Corp., Roanoke Electric Membership Corp., Rutherford Electric Membership Corp., Surry Yadkin Electric Membership Corp., Tideland Electric Membership Corp., Tri-County Electric Membership Corp., Union Power Cooperative, Wake Electric Membership Corp.NC GreenPowerbiomass, hydro, landfill gas, PV, wind20032.5¢/kWh-4.0¢/kWh
NCProgress Energy / CP&LNC GreenPowerbiomass, hydro, landfill gas, PV, wind20032.5¢/kWh-4.0¢/kWh
NCTVA: Mountain Electric CooperativeGreen Power Switchlandfill gas, PV, wind20002.67¢/kWh
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado.