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How to buy Green Energy in Texas | How to buy Green Power in Texas

StateUtility NameProgram
TypeStart DatePremium
TXAustin Energy (City of Austin)GreenChoicewind, landfill gas2000/19971.85¢/kWh
TXBandera Electric CooperativeChoose-To-Renewwind, hydro2005-0.114¢/kWh
TXCPS Energy (San Antonio)Windtricitywind20003.0¢/kWh
TXCollege Station UtilitiesWind Watts (10%/50%/100%)new wind2009TBD
TXEl Paso Electric CompanyRenewable Energy Tariffwind20011.92¢/kWh
TXPedernales Electric CooperativeRenewable Powerwind, hydro20060.5¢/kWh
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado.
Notes: Utility green pricing programs may only be available to customers located in the utility's service territory. For additional details, please see the full green pricing products table.

State-Specific Retail Green Power Product Offerings 1
(last updated August 2010)
StateCompanyProduct NameResource
TXCommerce EnergyClear Choice All-In (12-mo fixed rate)100% windGreen-e
TXCommerce EnergyClear Choice All-In Plus (24-mo fixed rate)100% windGreen-e
TXDynowattGoGreen100% Texas wind
TXFirst Choice PowerSimply Better Renewable100% renewable
TXGexa Energy / NextEra Energy ResourcesTrue Green100% wind
TXGreen Mountain Energy Company100% Wind: Month-to-Monthwind
TXGreen Mountain Energy CompanyPollution Free10% wind, 90% hydro
TXGreen Mountain Energy CompanyPollution Free: Reliable Rate10% wind, 90% hydro
TXReliant EnergyRenewable Plan100% wind
TXTXU EnergyTXU Energy 100% EarthWise100% windGreen-e
TXTXU EnergyTXU Energy 100% EarthWise 1810% windGreen-e
TXTexas PowerTexas Power Pure100% wind
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

For notes to the table and additional details, please see the full green marketing products table.

National Retail REC Products
(last updated August 2010)
Certificate MarketerProduct NameRenewable ResourcesLocation of Renewable ResourcesResidential Price Premiums*Certification
3 Phases RenewablesGreen Certificates100% biomass, geothermal, hydro, solar, windNationwide1.2¢/kWhGreen-e
3DegreesRenewable Energy Certificates100% new windNationwide1.5¢/kWhGreen-e
NativeEnergyCoolWatts100% new windNationwide0.8¢/kWhGreen-e
NativeEnergyRemooable Energy100% new biogasPennsylvania0.8¢/kWh-1.0¢/kWh***
Bonneville Environmental FoundationSolar Green Tags100% new solarNationwide5.6¢/kWhGreen-e
Bonneville Environmental FoundationWind & SolarGreen Tags Blend50% new wind, 50% new solarNationwide2.4¢/kWhGreen-e
Bonneville Environmental FoundationWind Green Tags100% windNationwide2.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Bonneville Environmental FoundationDenali Green Tags (Alaska only)100% new wind10% Alaska, 90% Nationwide2.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Bonneville Environmental FoundationZephyr Energy (Kansas Only)50% new low-impact hydropowerMidwest, West2.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Carbon Solutions GroupCSG CleanBuildbiomass, biogas, wind, solar, hydroNationwide0.9¢/kWhGreen-e
Carbonfund.orgMyGreenFuture99% new wind, 1% new solarNationwide0.5¢/kWhGreen-e
Choose RenewablesCleanWatts100% new windNationwide1.7¢/kWhGreen-e
Community EnergyNewWind Energy100% new windNationwide2.5¢/kWhGreen-e
Good EnergyGood Green RECsvariousNationwide0.4¢/kWh-1.5¢/kWhGreen-e
Green Mountain EnergyBeGreen RECswind, solar, biomassNationwide1.4¢/kWh
Juice EnergyPositive Juice - Wind100% windNationwide1.1¢/kWhGreen-e
MMA Renewable VenturesPVUSA Solar Green Certificates100% solarCalifornia3.3¢/kWhGreen-e
Maine Renewable Energy/Maine Interfaith Power & LightMaine WindWatts100% new windMaine2.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Mass Energy Consumers AllianceNew England Wind Fund100% new windNew England~5.0¢/kWh (donation)
Premier Energy MarketingPremier 100% Wind REC100% windNationwide0.95¢/kWh-2.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Renewable Choice EnergyAmerican Wind100% new windNationwide0.5¢/kWhGreen-e
SKY energy, Inc.Wind-e Renewable Energy100% new windNationwide2.4¢/kWhGreen-e
Santee CooperSC Green Powerlandfill gas, solarSouth Carolina3.0¢/kWhGreen-e
Sky Blue ElectricSky Blue 40100% windNationwide4.2¢/kWhGreen-e
Sterling PlanetSterling Wind100% new windNationwide1.85¢/kWhGreen-e
TerraPassGreen-e RECs100% new windNationwide0.5¢/kWhGreen-e
Village Green EnergyVillage Green Powersolar, wind, biogasCalifornia, Nationwide2.0¢/kWh-2.5¢/kWhGreen-e
Waverly Light & PowerIowa Energy Tags100% windIowa2.0¢/kWh
WindCurrentChesapeake Windcurrent100% new windMid-Atlantic States2.5¢/kWhGreen-e
WindStreet EnergyRenewable Energy Credit ProgramwindNationwide~1.2¢/kWh
* Product prices are updated as of August 2010. Premium may also apply to small commercial customers. Large users may be able to negotiate price premiums.
** Product is sourced from Green-e and ERT-certified RECs. ERT also certifies the entire product portfolio.
*** The Climate Neutral Network certifies the methodology used to calculate the CO2 emissions offset.
NA = Not applicable.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory.