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Solar Power Disadvantages | Solar Energy Disadvantages | Hidden Costs for a Solar Home

I wanted to review the possible Disadvantages of a Solar Power System or the Solar Panel Home Disadvantages and also the Hidden Costs of a Solar Home.

There are two things that stand out when understanding if a Solar Home is for you.  The first is how much money you have to invest in this.  Many of the credits and rebates exist, but it still requires some money upfront, I dont recommend taking out a loan.

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What is missing from most solar companies quotes is there are several fees not included.

First, many electrical companies charge a fee to stay on the grid.  So if you only need 30% of their power, you may still be charged 250 dollars per year.   Insurance premiums may rise as well for a solar powered home, you will want to check with them.  It also costs money to clean the panels, likely 100 dollars of cleaner.

Lastly, if your panel's warranty or system warranty has expired, it is unlikely to be something you can repair yourself.

With all of whats listed above, its likely to add about 5,000 dollars to the cost of your system over a 20 year period.  Many manufactures estimate a 6 year payback.  I would estimate a 13 year payback instead.  Obviously still a great investment if you are a long term homeowner or want to make your home more valuable to sell, but your expectations should be inline.

Want to take on less of an investment?  Try a Solar Water Heater