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Sunpower 238 E19 Panel Update

The Sunpower 238 E19 SPR-238E-WHT , is the top of the line panel from Sunpower.  It is their most efficient panel yet and provides many of the features you see from competitive panels.  It comes with a 25 year power warranty and a 10 year product warranty. E19 stands for 19.1% conversion Efficiency rating.  Their sister product is the Sunpower 238 E18, which would provide 18%.

Peak Power (+5/-3%) Pmax 238 W
Efficiency η 19.1 %
Rated Voltage Vmpp 40.5 V
Rated Current Impp 5.88 A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc 48.5 V
Short Circuit Current Isc 6.25 A
Maximum System Voltage UL 600 V
Temperature Coefficients Power (P) -0.38% / K
Voltage (Voc) -132.5mV / K
Current (Isc) 3.5mA / K