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Where to buy green power in Oregon | Green Energy in Oregon

Below is where to purchase green energy power in Oregon

StateUtility NameProgram
TypeStart DatePremium
ORCity of Ashland / Bonneville Environmental FoundationRenewable PioneersPV, wind20032.0¢/kWh
ORColumbia River PUDChoice Energywind20051.5¢/kWh
OREmerald People's Utility District/Green Mountain EnergyChoose Renewable Electricitywind, geothermal20031.2¢/kWh
OREugene Water & Electric BoardEWEB Greenpowervarious renewables20071.0¢/kWh-1.5¢/kWh
OREugene Water & Electric BoardEWEB Wind Powerwind19990.91¢/kWh
ORIdaho PowerGreen Power Programvarious20010.98¢/kWh
ORMidstate Electric CooperativeEnvironmentally-Preferred Powerwind19992.5¢/kWh
OROregon Trail Electric CooperativeGreen Powerwind20021.5¢/kWh
ORPacifiCorp: Pacific PowerBlue Sky QS (Commercial Only)wind2004Sliding scale depending on size
ORPacifiCorp: Pacific PowerBlue Sky Blockwind20001.95¢/kWh
ORPacifiCorp: Pacific Power / 3DegreesBlue Sky Habitatwind, biomass, PV20020.78¢/kWh + $2.50/mo. donation
ORPacifiCorp: Pacific Power / 3DegreesBlue Sky Usagewind, biomass, PV20020.78¢/kWh
ORPacific Northwest Generating Cooperative: Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative, Central Electric Cooperative, Clearwater Power, Consumers Power, Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, Douglas Electric Cooperative, Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative, Lost River Electric Cooperative, Raft River Rural Electric Cooperative, Umatilla Electric Cooperative, West Oregon Electric Cooperative, (11 of 15 coops offer program)Green Powerlandfill gas19981.8¢/kWh-2.0¢/kWh
ORPortland General Electric CompanyClean Wind Powerwind20021.75¢/kWh
ORPortland General Electric CompanyClean Wind for Medium to Large Commercial & Industrial Accountswind20031.7¢/kWh
ORPortland General Electric Company / Green Mountain EnergyGreen Sourceexisting geothermal, hydro, new wind20020.8¢/kWh
ORPortland General Electric Company / Green Mountain EnergyRenewable Futurewind20071.5¢/kWh
ORSpringfield Utility BoardECOchoicevarious20071.0¢/kWh
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado.