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Where to buy green power in Pennsylvania | Green Energy in Pennsylvania

Below is where to buy green energy power in Pennsylvania

StateCompanyProduct NameResource
PAAllegheny Power / Community Energy, Inc.Watt Watchersnew windGreen-e
PACommerce EnergyClear Choice 100% Wind (PECO only)new windGreen-e
PAEnergy Cooperative of PennsylvaniaEcoChoice 10089% landfill gas, 10% wind, 1% solar
PAPECO Energy/Community EnergyPECO Wind100-kWh blocks of new wind
PAUGI UtilitiesRenewable Residential Service - Alternative Energy (50% or 100% of usage)100% MSW, waste coal, wood pulp
PAUGI UtilitiesRenewable Residential Service - Renewable Energy (50% or 100% of usage)100% renewable
PAViridian EnergyEveryday Green20% wind
PAViridian EnergyPure Green100% windGreen-e
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory