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Where to buy green power in Massachusetts | Green Energy in Massachusetts

Below is how to buy green energy in Massachusetts

StateUtility NameProgram
TypeStart DatePremium
MABraintree Electric Light DepartmentBGreensolar and wind20092.0¢/kWh
MAConcord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP)Green Powerhydro20043.0¢/kWh
MANSTARNSTAR Greenwind20080.8¢/kWh-1.45¢/kWh
MAShrewsbury Electric and Cable OperationsSELCO GreenLightwind20076.67¢/kWh
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado.
Notes: Utility green pricing programs may only be available to customers located in the utility's service territory. For additional details, please see the full green pricing products table.

State-Specific Retail Green Power Product Offerings 1
(last updated August 2010)
StateCompanyProduct NameResource
MACape Light CompactCape Light Compact Green 50% or 100%*75% small hydro, 24% new wind or landfill gas, 1% new solar
MAMassachusetts Electric / Nantucket Electric / Clear Sky Power (5)Clear Sky Home*100% biomass
MAMassachusetts Electric/Nantucket Electric/Community Energy (5)New Wind Energy and Water 50% or 100% of usage*70% small hydro, 30% new windGreen-e
MAMassachusetts Electric/Nantucket Electric/Mass Energy Consumers AllianceNew England GreenStart 50% or 100% of usage*75% small hydro, 25% new biomass, wind, and solar
MAMassachusetts Electric/Nantucket Electric/Sterling Planet (5)MA Clean Choice*33% new wind, 33% new landfill gas, 33% small hydroEnvironmental Resources Trust
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory